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Medical Negligence Error in Diagnosis of the Type of Anorectal Malformation and Wrong Surgical Procedure

Lawsuit against Javon Bea Hospital | September 28, 2022

On September 28, 2022, WVFK&N attorneys John LaMantia and Soobin Lee filed a medical malpractice claim on behalf of the family of a minor Plaintiff who suffered avoidable complications.

The minor Plaintiff was born at 36 weeks gestation with an imperforate anus. The complaint alleges that on September 11, 2019, the minor Plaintiff was incorrectly diagnosed with urogenital sinus and imperforate anus” (cloaca), instead of the correct diagnosis of a perineal fistula by Dr. Loretto Glynn, M.D. As a result, the minor Plaintiff underwent a wrong surgical procedure of a divided descending colostomy by Dr. Glynn. Due to Javon Bea Hospital and Dr. Glynn’s failure to make the correct diagnosis of perineal fistula and perform the correct surgical procedure of repair of anorectal malformation, and/or failure to perform the unnecessary colostomy procedure correctly, the minor Plaintiff suffered unnecessary colostomy revision procedures, the need for daily interventions to irrigate the stoma, additional surgical repairs of anorectal malformation, prolonged imperforate anus, prolonged fetal incontinence, pain and suffering, and incurred unnecessary medical and related expenses.

The action is pending in Winnebago County, Illinois.

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