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Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys > Chicago Pregnancy Errors Attorney

Chicago Pregnancy Errors Attorney

During pregnancy, healthcare providers can make many different types of errors that can lead to severe injuries. When a healthcare provider makes a mistake during a pregnancy, the mother can suffer serious injuries, and in many cases, the baby can also be born with severe birth injuries. Some pregnancy errors involve an obstetrician’s failure to identify a dangerous condition or risk factors for a serious complication, according to the CDC. In other cases, a doctor might properly identify a condition or complication but might not treat it properly. And in yet other circumstances, an obstetrician or another healthcare provider might make a mistake or behave negligently during labor, causing devastating birth injuries to the newborn.

If your baby was born with a serious injury or condition, or if you were harmed due to a healthcare provider’s negligence during your pregnancy, you should seek advice from our Chicago pregnancy errors attorneys as soon as possible.

Common Types of Pregnancy Errors in Chicago

Ob-gyns and other healthcare providers can make many different kinds of errors during a pregnancy that can lead to a wide variety of injuries in the mother or the newborn. Pregnancy errors can occur at almost any stage of the pregnancy, from failure to identify risk factors for complications in the first or second trimester of the pregnancy, to failure to properly treat pregnancy complications that occur such as placenta previa or preeclampsia, to negligence during labor and delivery. The following are some of the common types of pregnancy errors that occur in Chicago that may lead to a successful claim for compensation:

  • Failure to identify risk factors for pregnancy complications;
  • Failure to counsel pregnancy mother about risk factors and steps to take to avoid pregnancy complications;
  • Prescribing medications during a pregnancy that can harm the fetus or the mother based on the mother’s existing medications;
  • Failure to properly treat pregnancy complications that occur;
  • Failure to monitor fetal heart rate during labor;
  • Failure to order an emergency cesarean section or to schedule a C-section in advance based on the mother’s risk factors and medical history;
  • Unnecessary use of a cesarean section to delivery a baby;
  • Misuse of birth devices, such as forceps or vacuum; and/or
  • Negligent delivery techniques, such as pulling too hard on the baby and causing nerve damage or another type of birth injury.

Timeline for Seeking Compensation for Pregnancy Errors in Chicago

How much time do you have to file a pregnancy error lawsuit in Illinois? The specific statute of limitations for your case will depend upon a few key factors, and it is critical to seek advice from a pregnancy error lawyer in Chicago as soon as possible to ensure that you file your lawsuit in a timely manner.

Generally speaking, if the mother is filing an injury claim resulting from a pregnancy mistake, she will likely have two years from the date of the error to file a lawsuit under Illinois law. When the claim involves a birth injury and the child is the named plaintiff, the statute of limitations is typically eight years from the date of the birth injury to file a lawsuit.

Contact Our Chicago Pregnancy Error Lawyers

Do you need assistance with a birth injury or medical negligence claim? Our Chicago pregnancy error attorneys can help. Contact Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman, LLC today.

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