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Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys > Chicago Fetal Ultrasound Errors Attorney

Chicago Fetal Ultrasound Errors Attorney

When you visit your healthcare provider during pregnancy, you should be able to expect that your doctor will know when you need to have an ultrasound and what issues to consider during the ultrasound, and you should be able to expect that the technician performing the ultrasound will not make a mistake. To be clear, mistakes can be made in performing the ultrasound, in assessing the results of the ultrasound, and in deciding to order (or not to order) an ultrasound. Fetal ultrasound errors can result in birth defects going unidentified, and in fetal macrosomia going undiagnosed, potentially resulting in injuries to the newborn and to the mother.

If you or your baby suffered injuries during labor and delivery as a result of an ultrasound error, you should seek advice from one of the experienced Chicago fetal ultrasound errors attorneys at our firm.

What is a Fetal Ultrasound in Chicago?

In order to understand how fetal ultrasound errors occur, it is essential to learn first about fetal ultrasounds in general, and when and how they are performed. As Johns Hopkins Medicine explains, a fetal ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that is used during a pregnancy to create “an image of the baby in the mother’s womb,” and it is recognized as “a safe way to check the health of an unborn baby.” When a fetal ultrasound is conducted, the healthcare provider will be evaluating the development of the fetus, including the development of the heart, the head, and the spine. Fetal ultrasounds can be conducted as transabdominal ultrasounds on the abdomen of the mother or transvaginal ultrasounds through the vagina.

There are a number of different types of ultrasounds that can be used, including the following:

  • Standard ultrasound that creates a two-dimension image of the baby on a screen;
  • Doppler ultrasound that can show, for example, blood movement through the umbilical cord, blood movement in the baby’s heart, and the functioning of the placenta; and
  • 3-D ultrasound, which is designed to show a three-dimensional and lifelike image of the baby.

Importance of Accurate Chicago Fetal Ultrasounds

Fetal ultrasounds are a standard part of prenatal care when a woman is pregnant. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ultrasounds are typically done during the first trimester to check for any chromosomal disorders or heart defects, and during the second trimester as an “anomaly ultrasound” to look for any structural anomalies such as significant birth defects. Johns Hopkins Medicine explains that ultrasounds can identify a variety of defects and problems with the pregnancy, which should alter the healthcare provider’s plans for prenatal care and, in many cases, for labor and delivery. In general, fetal ultrasounds can be used to detect any of the following defects or problems:

  • Abdomen or stomach issues in the fetus;
  • Limb problems, such as with the baby’s arms or legs;
  • Problems with the back of the neck, as well as spine defects;
  • Head and brain defects;
  • Heart problems with the fetus;
  • Kidney issues;
  • Problems with the placenta;
  • Umbilical cord problems; and
  • Fetal macrosomia.

Multiple parties ultimately may be liable for your baby’s injuries if a fetal ultrasound error occurs, including the ultrasound technician, the hospital or facility where the ultrasound was performed, and the ob-gyn who evaluated the ultrasound.

Contact Our Chicago Birth Injury Lawyers

If your baby was injured as a result of a fetal ultrasound error, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation. An experienced Chicago fetal ultrasound injury lawyer can assess your case for you today and can help you to determine your options moving forward. Contact Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman, LLC to speak with one of our birth injury attorneys about filing a lawsuit.

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